What We Do

R.I.V.A. is committed to providing better life chances for people with disabilities in and around Sheffield. We offer work-based training, life skills training and recreational activities  for people with disabilities (including people with learning disabilities, physical and/or sensory impairments and mental health issues) or anyone who would benefit from independent living skills and confidence to gain employment. The project includes a café, charity shop and garden all of which are open to the public.

Can We Help You?

Do you know anyone that needs our help? Our student and volunteer programmes provide work based training to develop life and employment skills, build confidence, self-esteem whilst encouraging individuals to strive to reach their potential and enabling volunteers to return to paid employment after a long period of unemployment. We are a community centre for isolated and financially disadvantaged people within the community and the provider of work experience to the long term unemployed.

Can You Help Us?

Could you help us to give something back to the Sheffield community? We are looking for volunteers to help with our students and serving the public in the shop or the cafe. All of our volunteers enjoy a relaxed, friendly, laid back atmosphere, so if you would like to expand your own social circle and give something to this worthwhile cause then there are many different options on offer. As long as you make a regular commitment you can do as few or as many hours to suit yourself.

Community Engagement

Whilst the personal development and well-being of our students has been, and always will be, our main reason to exist we have become a centre for the local community and we have increasingly become involved in local events. Summer Fun Days and Christmas Events involve a number of established local community groups coming together to share resources to deliver activities for the whole community at very little, if any, cost to local residents. We also hold coffee mornings for a few national charities.

Charity Shop

The charity shop links very firmly to our ethos of recycling, upcycling and valuing the environment that we and our students live in whilst also raising funds. All our charity shop goods are sold on at very reasonable prices which also helps people on low or fixed income as well as encouraging regulars who are buying for recycling or upcycling projects themselves. If you have any unwanted items, please drop them in!

Coffee Shop

The RIVA Old Library Tea Rooms is a friendly affordable place for local people to pop in for a coffee, homemade cake, a chat or a light lunch as well as being a place for people to meet up, make friends and avoid getting isolated after retiring or dropping the kids off at school. It is a friendly place for some local people to pop in as they are passing and for some people on a daily basis. We welcome members from local groups, as well as running weekly bingo lunches on Friday.

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What our friends think

Our daughter attends RIVA for 2 days a week. [All the staff] ensure [her] needs are being met, including independence, confidence building, communication, social skills and most importantly having fun.

RIVA is a lovely, happy place and my daughter loves being a part of it.

Rachel Longden

I am a disabled person and I was isolated and unable to get out of my home until I got myself a scooter and drove myself up to RIVA two and a half years ago and have never been away since. Thanks to them I am feeling better about myself, more confident with new friends I am grateful to have. My love and thanks to RIVA is endless. Everyday I am there puts a smile on my face.

Debbie Daunoras

Amazing people, fantastic place! So hospitable and welcoming! The shop is awesome and has great things at great prices and make sure you stop for a brew and some cake!

Heather Shaw

An amazing place to volunteer, great clients, wonderful workers; the best re-cycling centre that I know and fab puddings in the cafe …..my kind of place.

Cath Wilson

Opening Times

Open: Mon-Friday
9:00am – 3:00pm


RIVA was formed back in 1998 by Pat Kinsey as a one night per week youth club provision for young people with disabilities. It gained charitable status and became a company by guarantee in 2004.
Many people are inquisitive of our name’s origin! Well, the first members of the club were given the honour of naming it so had a group discussion whilst enjoying a cuppa and a biscuit. On the table were a variety of snacks including the old McVities Riva biscuit (are you old enough to remember them?) the members liked the name and it stuck. Just think, we could have been the KitKat Club!

Find Us

77 Laird Road, Wisewood, Sheffield, S6 4BS
0114 3270808